What the whites did to the indians in the reading chief joesph

He was known as Young Joseph during his youth because his father, Tuekakas[4] was baptized with the same Christian name and later become known as "Old Joseph" or "Joseph the Elder". Tensions grew as the settlers appropriated traditional Indian lands for farming and grazing livestock.

What the whites did to the indians in the reading chief joesph

When Chief Joseph was younger he was given a tribal name: In English this would mean: His father was baptized as Joseph by one of the white missionaries that had came down to baptize the Indians in However, old Joseph and many of the Nez Perce leaders would sign a treaty giving over some of their land to the United States in order to keep their sacred Wallowa Valley untouched.

Joseph Brant

Inthis would all come to an abrupt stop when white settlers discovered gold and tried to make the Indians sign a new treaty giving up their land. Old Joseph was angry, disgusted enough to tear up his bible and go back to the ways of his own people.

He refused to sign the new treaty even after several of the Nez Perce leaders did. Never sell the bones of your father and your mother.

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He would stand up against the white settlers, even if it meant war. They fought many battles before finally getting captured and being forced to live on a reservation. Chief Joseph would never give up on his tribe and he fought to the very end.

In he passed away; some say of a broken heart, while others say old age. He had always believed that if you treated all men the same, there would be peace. Today, his grave stone is marked by three Indians in headdress standing guard.From to , the late actor George Mitchell played Chief Joseph on Broadway in the play Indians.

Literary works [ edit ] Merrill Beal's I Will Fight No More Forever: Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce War () was received positively both regionally and nationally.

On October 5, Chief Joseph and his tribe the Nez Perce surrendered to the U.S.

What the whites did to the indians in the reading chief joesph

Army. Learn about the tribe’s way of life and their final act of defiance.

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Many Nez Percé, including Chief Joseph’s father, were converted to Christianity and Chief Joseph was educated in a mission school. The advance of white settlers into the Pacific Northwest after caused the United States to press the Native Americans of the region to surrender their lands and accept resettlement on small and often.

Chief Joseph was a Nez Perce chief who, faced with settlement by whites of tribal lands in Oregon, led his followers in a dramatic effort to escape to Canada. Chief Joseph was born on March 3. Joseph Brant >Joseph Brant () was a Mohawk chief and ally of the British during >the American Revolution [1].

He was instrumental in moving the Mohawks to >Canada following the winning of American independence. – Chief Joseph The Nez Perce tribe of Indians, like other tribes too large to be united under one chief, was composed of several bands, each distinct in sovereignty.

It was a loose confederacy.

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