The solutions for gaps in performance that the human performance technology is addressing

What Is Human Performance Technology? Human Performance Technology HPT is a field of practice that has evolved largely as a result of the experience, reflection, and conceptualization of professional practitioners striving to improve human performance in the workplace. It is a relatively new field that has emerged from the coalescing of principles derived from the carefully documented practice of thoughtful behavioral and cognitive psychologists, instructional technologists, training designers, organizational developers, and various human resource specialists.

The solutions for gaps in performance that the human performance technology is addressing

To date over 10, Electronic Health Records on patients have moved from theater locations, such as Afghanistan, to the United States.

The project also required a rapid, efficient and effective software development methodology to deliver a working prototype and product to a highly mobile patient population in short order. An iterative and agile process with short integration cycles, or sprints, was utilized to deliver demonstrable interim deliveries of software and ultimately a product that fully supports this mission.

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Our team supports engineering services required by en-route care and ground based units within the combatant command COCOM and other operational agency requirements.

Our engineering experience in support of the AF TMIP program is leveraged to support operationally-supportable software solutions that are being modernized to meet the challenging demands of the operational environment.

We provide both functional and technical team members who share a deep understanding of the AFMS existing operational information technology; in-depth knowledge of the current TMIP suite of applications; EC and EMEDS support capabilities; an ability to engineer innovative supporting systems and modernize software; and personnel who will support future transition from existing GOTS to COTS capabilities as solutions are delivered from the supporting program offices.

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We stand up Agile environments to identify discrete tasks, establish priorities with the program manager, and work to complete tasks that span operational support, accreditation, training platforms, and modernization requirements.

Under this project, Insignia provides the office support and administration of continuing medical education programs designed to augment the practice and business of Navy Medicine in both the operational and the Medical Treatment Facilities MTF settings.

The Insignia staff is responsible for the daily monitoring of requests for training programs, data entry and tracking of requests and disposition, and identification and documentation of healthcare professionals who have completed the required training and notifying those who may require refresher or additional training.

As new continuing education refresher courses are rolled out, Insignia processes requests for the new curriculum, packages and ships the educational materials to the requesting sites. Our administrative approach has resulted in an organized and efficient training program that is tracking multiple data elements and requirements simultaneously without issue.

Insignia also provided specialized administrative support to help refine and improve a new continuing education curriculum that is required by Navy MTFs called S.

E Sexual Assault Forensic Examination. This new continuing education program will be taken by an increasing number of students each year. Due to the sensitivity and high profile nature of this course, it is critical that the information be presented in a comprehensive, delicate and accurate format that is understood by licensed and non-licensed practitioners alike.

Under this contract, Insignia has established the necessary Standard Operating Procedures SOPs for receiving orders, shipping inventory and documenting those who satisfy the continuing education requirements of the different programs being offered.

We have improved the efficiency and accuracy of the NMPDC office and have created a database of students who have ordered the continuing education curriculum versus those who have completed the requirements.

This enables the different Navy installations and sites to track and follow up with those healthcare professionals who have or have not met their continuing education requirements. SPS creates required procurement documentation for all types of DoD contracts from simplified acquisitions to major weapon systems.

Program Management, Training, Information Technology, Accessibility and Communications The Standard Procurement System SPS is a major acquisition program that deploys a suite of software products designed to automate and standardize the procurement process for contracting professionals throughout the Department of Defense DoD.

The solutions for gaps in performance that the human performance technology is addressing

In addition, SPS interfaces with numerous logistics, financial and payment systems throughout DoD utilizing adaptive technology. These interfaces enable the accurate tracking and reporting of supply and fiscal data throughout the budgeting, requisitioning and contracting processes.

Insignia is providing overall program management support as well as updating the current training materials that support online training on the SPS suite of products hosted at the Defense Acquisition University DAU.

Insignia is furnishing a comprehensive solution for client requirements that includes the development and update of 33 hours of web-based training.

All products developed and work performed were created and updated in accordance with all existing DoD training directives and regulations. Among the various tasks required under this contract, Insignia design and web experts ensure that online training material meets the formatting and technical requirements required to load and maintain the software online at the DAU training website.

Overall program management services include: Program Management, Information Technology, Training, Communications and Outreach, Information Assurance Insignia provides the personnel and expertise required by the Defense Privacy and Civil Liberties Division DPCLD to satisfy the overall operational objectives of the DPCLD and respective program compliance requirements leading to the development of human capital and training resources, strategic plans, and consultative work products.


Our existing team of specialist and experts are configured to address three distinct program support functions. These activities include conducting training workshops, briefings, and presentations, preparing the department's annual privacy report, and standardizing program administration.

This web-based system replaces the paper form used by DoD privacy components and paves the way for efficient data collection and reporting across the DoD.

The DoD breach reporting process is a critical aspect of the continual effort to safeguard sensitive government data and mitigate possible damage as a result of breaches.

The solutions for gaps in performance that the human performance technology is addressing

The process aims to report and escalate all known breaches to assess their potential threat levels. In addition to the threat assessment, the breach reporting process aids in information sharing among the various DoD components. By establishing a web-based electronic means to categorize and globally maintain these records, the DPCLD has the ability to act and provide real-time statistics and results when needed.

It provides a centralized database that captures all of DoD's current breaches and their possible effects. Our technical team worked closely with the client to understand their needs, and then customized the SharePoint platform to meet their requirements.

Our creative team works with DPCLD to establish a brand identity and logo for the program and created an updated web presence for both Privacy and Civil Liberties programs. We migrated thousands of System of Record Notices SORNs and other documentation from the previous website into the new structure and design.

The new website provides an integrated Google search that allows users to search for specific items using a common search platform. We continue to maintain and update the site with the latest news, training, SORNS and other information related to the program as requested and ensure that the site is Section compliant and meets all DoD information assurance and other related policies as required.

Army established the CSF Program to increase the resilience of Soldiers and Families by developing their strengths in 5 key dimensions: CSF is a long-term strategy to expand the assessment and training of every member of the Army to possess more than just the standard physical and technical capabilities.Human Performance Technology (HPT), a systematic approach to improving productivity and competence, uses a set of methods and procedures -- and a strategy for solving problems -- for realizing opportunities related to the performance of people.

More specific, it is a process of selection, analysis, design, development, implementation, and. Services: Information Technology, Agile Software Development, Requirements Development.

The DoD's Deployment and Readiness Systems (D&RS) Air Force (AF) program is comprised of all Information Technology (IT) solutions that support the missions of forward-deployed medical support personnel for Enroute Care where DoD patients are rapidly moved from forward battle locations to tertiary care.

Skills Assessment - Measuring and Addressing Competency Gaps. All companies realize the importance of nurturing a talented workforce.

With it, everything is possible—the sky is the limit! Abstract. An argument is made for direct and tangible interventions to treat the symptoms of gender gaps in math and science education (as opposed to widespread and . Human performance technology models are defined. How a model can be implemented and evaluated is determined.

The models which work together to identify performance gaps and designing solutions are given. The Results-Oriented Performance Culture system focuses on having a diverse, results-oriented, high-performing workforce, as well as a performance management system that effectively plans, monitors, develops, rates, and rewards employee performance.

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