The kim kardashian hollywood app and consumerism in society

June 4, Kim, scion of the reality-star Kardashian family.

The kim kardashian hollywood app and consumerism in society

The Kim Kardashian effect: By Natasha Malla What seems to be the lush easy life of Kim Kardashian alongside also comes the constant criticism from the public.

The year-old fashion designer, model, actress, business woman and social media personality has also become one of the most talked about celebrities of our time after her sex tape was leaked in The opinion pieces all focus on the either the publics or the writers opinion on the socialite.

We are able to see the varying styles and characterisations of Kim Kardashian in the media and how they have major influence in representing public figures. A TV career built on sex tape.

And a derriere a million times bigger than her brain. Her analysis of Kim Kardashian follows a timeline approach starting with a detailed criticism of her television series and ending with a further analysis of her business.

Her article consists of evaluative claims and personal value judgements. Her principle claim is explicitly stated at the beginning of her opinion piece as she states: A member of a family so unhinged and dysfunctional that, in comparison, the Osbournes seem well-adjusted, everyday folk.

Thus, we are able to see the comparisons she places between on other high earning celebrities to Kim Kardashian. Connell achieves by dividing her article with subheadings which enables her readers to gain a better perspective of her central claim. Thus, her almost narrative style approach plays a prominent role in influencing her readers to also withhold the same view as her.

She then adds her own commentary after these facts in order to gain a wider acceptance from her audience. Her arguments consist of an abundance of negative connotations which are response to the controversy surrounding the norms that exist in the highly capitalist world we live in. She provides facts about her life however in doing so she structures her article to persuade her readers through sub-headings, descriptive and a generally lengthy opinion piece in comparison to the two other opinion pieces.

Her biography approach to her article is consistent in arguing why the public should see the year-old socialite in the same negative framework. Thus, readers from the beginning of the article to the very end are provided with an analysis of her career and personal life in an undesirable manner.

Connell is able to provide commentary on her characterisation of Kim Kardashian due to the popular opinion that already exists. This opinion piece contrasts significantly to the arguments that Connell provides. Thus, instead of representing Kim Kardashian a representation of the unrealistic social norms that exist around women, she aims to empower her female readers to want to be as successful and determined.

The kim kardashian hollywood app and consumerism in society

She achieves this by structuring article around the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game and the negative response it has received from male critics to follow on a more powerful and feminist approach to influence her readers to accept her perspective. Her article holds a mixture of claims following an evaluative as well a factual approach in her analysis.

While you were busy underestimating Kim Kardashian, all our fingers started getting busy tapping her bank account balance into the stratosphere. In the end, she outsmarted all of us. Hollywood was negatively received by gamers after its release.

Her back and forth approach connecting the negative response from male critics to appealing to facts to gain further agreement from the universally accepted view. She aims to empower females whilst also trying to characterize Kim Kardashian in a different light.

Her values and prior knowledge have played a significant part when arguing her central claim. She also extends her view on the jealousy that exists around females and aims to justify the need to critically analyse every aspect of her life.

Piper justifies her central claim comes from a marketer perspective. While her principle claim is not explicitly stated in her article, Piper suggests that she is a highly profitable figure who does receive harsh criticism from the media. She starts her opinion piece with a direct argument stating: I am a writer first, a marketer second, which is why I make a relatively decent living doing what I do.

Her name brings in the numbers that create the pay checks. Thus, she aims to persuade her readers to see Kim Kardashian in a different lime light.Kim Kardashian Hollywood is an Android game which is about making loads of money, trying new dresses and competing with rilvals.

In addition to it, it is a thin cash-grab and a symbol of all the things that are wrong with our society nowadays, a forerunner of the end of real-gaming.

The kim kardashian hollywood app and consumerism in society

The resources relate to the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app/game, and study the Media Representation, Audiences, Industries and Language around the Kardashian brand, celebrity culture, feminism in gaming, monetisation of apps and game industry regulation.5/5(2).

Download Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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‎Join KIM KARDASHIAN on a red carpet adventure in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood! Create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!

Everything about the app is great- I love all of the choices you get to make! I will say that k-stars are Price: 0. Feb 06,  · - The adventures of this game go between the two sisters Kimberly Kardashian West and the famous star Kylie Jenner who comes to have a baby girl.

in this game the star Kim Kardashian (Kimberly) will play the role of the enemy of his half-sister Kylie Kristen Jenner this is a pretty action and adventures game/5(9).

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The Kim Kardashian effect: materialism, consumerism and capitalism. These derogatory terms highlight Connell’s need to show the Kim Kardashian’s representation of materialism and consumerism or as Brown (,p) states “the Kardashian’s are the epitome of popular culture”.

“Now that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is on track. Playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on PC and Mac. You have always wanted to be a shining star, and now is your chance.

The screenshots above show you how glamorous being an A-list celeb can be on your computer.

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