The inferno book review

There is a long tradition of scholars drawing unlikely conclusions from Dante — in Gladstone published a bonkers article attempting to prove, based on evidence from the poem, the unlikely fact that Dante studied at Oxford — so I was expecting Langdon to unravel a few anagrams in the text proving that Pope Boniface VIII was a robot, or something equally shocking. In fact Brown does not engage with the Divine Comedy as closely as he does with the Bible or the paintings of Leonardo in previous novels, and there is no centuries-old conspiracy to uncover: Langdon must untangle a series of Dante-based clues left behind by Zobrist in order to locate and contain the source of the virus.

The inferno book review

I guess this will fulfill my yearly quota for Mickey Mouse watch-clad academics who solve ancient conspiracy filled puzzles.

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Sometimes, I feel like Dan Brown is my nemesis. He The inferno book review to take his own work very seriously, and gets his feelings hurt by even the eensiest teen I guess this will fulfill my yearly quota for Mickey Mouse watch-clad academics who solve ancient conspiracy filled puzzles.

He seems to take his own work very seriously, and gets his feelings hurt by even the eensiest teeny baby criticism. He seems to enjoy writing books that will make people tear their hair out in fits of aplopleptic rage.

Protagonist is always handsome, extremely well-educated, and single. He purposesly sets himself apart from the main populace, observing the common culture and placing it historical context rather than participating. Protagonist has one or two defining traits that will be mentioned over and over again in lieu of characterization.

Protagonist is in constant danger from shady Antagonist, who usually has issues of his own, probably psychological, usually also sexual and religious.

Protagonist is nearly always fooled by the presence of a Traitor, who hides in plain sight as a kind, intelligent, and resourceful person until it is time to do the betraying.

There are five million plot twists. Protagonist saves the world with his brain never his brawn. Protagonist and Girl ride off into sunset this part is metaphorical.

His books are similarly easy to riff on, and Inferno is no exception. Repetitive plot, repetitive characters, the traitor, the global organization, the puzzle plot for no reason at all in this one seeminglyetc, etc. But the Langdon books in particular have their own special vocabulary.

Here is my point to counteract — or maybe encompass is the better word — the points above. Even if the above points are true, and I believe they are, they do not affect my enjoyment of the book.

You read a Dan Brown novel to be carried along on a plot going the same exact speed of one of those fancy foreign high-speed trains. You read a Dan Brown book to see historical facts and famous pieces of art placed in new context, or maybe just to learn something.

Book review: ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown - The Boston Globe I recently revisited this classic. Rather than a more conventional review — after all, there really is nothing I can add as a way of critical commentary —- as a tribute to the great poet, I would like to share the below microfiction I wrote a number of years ago:
Inferno by Dan Brown – review | Books | The Guardian Share via Email Dan meets Dante: Now, after reading the latest version of the apocalyptic thriller he rewrites every few years, I suspect he might be mad as well.
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You read it for the secrets and the conspiracies and the ridiculously high stakes the plot hinges on. You read it for the red herrings and the betrayals. You read it to be fucking entertained. In that respect, this book is pretty much a success. On a related note, the purpose of the thriller is to thrill — to create suspense.

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They serve their purpose — they get you to turn the page. And finally, and maybe most significantly, Dan Brown has a definite talent for finding our cultural panic buttons and then pushing on them real hard.

The effect of this is that he works through in his novels issues that we face every day, and he does so in a venue that can be sold candy-coated to a consumer mass public that would otherwise barf up similar information in reflexive panic. The last thing I want to say about Dan Brown and this book is the reason that I ended up giving it four stars instead of three.

That reason is ballsiness. He tries to break up his formula in this one, and in some ways he succeeds. This adds an extra layer of confusion to the plot that his previous three Langdon books were missing. But the most significant reason I say he has balls is the ending to this book.May 14,  · Buy the book at a discounted rate from Telegraph Books.

Buy Inferno from In Book Reviews. The novels everyone should read. The 85 best books of /5. Inferno is a mystery thriller novel by American author Dan Brown and the fourth book in his Robert Langdon series, following Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol.

The book was published on May 14, , ten years after publication of The Da Vinci Code (), by Doubleday.

Book Review 4 out of 5 stars to Inferno, I'm yet to read Purgatory and Paradise, but in my honest view, I doubt if any other poetic work can surpass Dante's Divine Comedy. Inferno is Dante's experience in walking through Hell.

His guide is no other than Virgil, the famous poet who wrote Aeneid, sent by Beatrice, Dante's devoted love 4/5. “Inferno” is already Hollywood-grade, as Brown fills his pages with picturesque locations (Florence, Venice, and Constantinople) and a predictably large number of chase scenes.

Luckily for the oft-pursued Langdon, he seems to know where every hidden door and secret passageway is located. 6 days ago · OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO Book Review: Add A Slasher For Good Measure FANGORIA PRESENTS' first novel is a fun, if mixed, bag of tricks. By Leigh Monson Sep.

11, Peter Thornton's verse translation of the first book of the Divine Commedy, The Inferno, is certainly readable.

The inferno book review

To the extent that that was an (the?) intention it succeeds. I think for a general reader who just wants to know why The Inferno has remained influential this will serve them well.

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