Spv 2015 brochure

Developed with passion by Habefast communication agency. A group of 20 municipalities benefitted from the know-how of Romanian and Swiss experts through seminars helping them to develop realistic measures for reducing GHG emissions. CLOSE Faithful Cities Program The Faithful Cities initiative seeks to deliver green infrastructure and other practical solutions to holy cities, as well as to encourage a collective spirit of respect for the environment based on the religious and spiritual beliefs of pilgrims and tourists.

Spv 2015 brochure

The management of such a great magnitude of population in urban areas is a challenge which comprises of a constant struggle of coping with the crumbling urban infrastructure, deficiencies in urban services, financial woes at municipal level, governance issues and an unprecedented impact on environment.

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It is imperative to focus on sustainable urban development by upgrading the existing cities and building new ones - a task which requires not just policy interventions and financial stimulus but also a holistically trained manpower to lead through smart solutions oriented approach to addressing these challenges in a sustainable manner.

The programme equips students with cutting-edge technical skills like data modelling, managerial capabilities, and understanding of socio-economic, environmental, and legal issues associated with urban development and its three major components namely housing, infrastructure and environment.

The uniqueness of the programme is in promoting learning through research-based teaching, engagement of practitioners, and a diverse pedagogy ranging from classroom teaching, tutorials, discussions about various Spv 2015 brochure studies, and most importantly field work.

The programme also exposes students to urban local bodies, parastatals and urban development organizations and consultancy firms through two intensive internships. Overall the programme helps in building capacities for understanding the real-world urban development and management problems and identifying solutions for sustainable urban development.

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The programme provides students with the following: Learning through research-based teaching and a diverse pedagogy ranging from classroom teaching, tutorials, case study discussions and field work and participation in conferences. Exposure to best practices in urban development sector and government programmes such as the JNNURM, smart cities, slum development, water supply and solid waste management, and urban regeneration.

Exposure to state of the art tools such as geo-informatics, stochastic modelling, project development and management, and GRIHA rating tools for sustainable buildings. Interaction with leading professionals and practitioners in urban development and related areas.

Where will the Degree Take You? The programme prepares students for a successful career in the urban development sector like: Urban local bodies, state governments and other public sector institutions involved in delivery of urban infrastructure and services. Institutions conducting research, training and capacity-building activities Private sector organizations engaged in real estate and urban infrastructure development Consultancy firms, NGOs and CBOs participating in urban development activities.

Third semester students of batch undertook five months of intensive internship with municipal corporations in Delhi NCR, viz. Students got exposure to the role and functioning of different departments of these municipal corporations such as finance, engineering, and town planning.

Their key learnings were: Active involvement in on-going projects of the municipal corporations Enhanced capacities in terms of knowledge base, analytical skills and career opportunities Awareness and understanding about the challenges faced in the delivery of services and implementation of various schemes of the municipal corporations.

Students prepared reports based on field investigations coupled with secondary data analysis and literature review on related best practices. Reports covered diverse thematic areas on urban development such as: Urban service delivery and management with a focus on ground water Non-motorized transport, multi-level parking Solid waste management including waste-to-energy technological option Urban village redevelopment strategy Smart and sustainable development of slum pockets.

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Their dedication and sincerity towards the work assigned is appreciable. Major Project Part 2 Fourth Semester:Official site of the international governing body of Wheelchair Rugby with news, events calendar, sport information, video, photos, downloads and more.

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Spv 2015 brochure

rev. Jun Left View showing RO Right View showing Post -Treatment Reservoir (tank -feed). India is projected to add million new urban residents by the year to the already existing large base of million urban residents. The management of such a great magnitude of population in urban areas is a challenge which comprises of a constant struggle of coping with the crumbling urban infrastructure, deficiencies in urban services, financial woes at municipal level, governance.

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Spv 2015 brochure
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