Sensory evaluation of sweet potato cookies

Results of the study were summarized as follows The result of the sensory evaluation of sweet potato cookies in terms of appearance.

Sensory evaluation of sweet potato cookies

Ethiopia is one of the East Africa tropical countries with optimum good climate for cultivation of different varieties of sweet potato.

Consumption of locally available vitamin A rich foods that can be grown in home gardens is one of the strategies to combat VAD due to its technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness. The high fiber contents of sweet potato flour increases its utility in various new food product developments.

Sensory evaluation of sweet potato cookies

Addition of various proportion of OFSP flour in wheat can increase the fiber and carotenoids nutritive values that help in lowering the wheat gluten level and prevents from celiac disease Tilman et al.

Cookies are ready-to-eat with rich sources of protein, fat, carbohydrate, energy and minerals and convenient food product that are consumed among all age groups in many countries Olaoye et al.

The aim of this study was also focus on developing pro-vitamin A rich cookies from composite flour of OFSP evaluating its nutritional contents and orgaloleptic acceptability. It is designed to combat VAD through food approaches by using cookies as vehicle.

Materials and Methods 2. The ingredients and wheat for making of cookies were purchased from the local market.

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All chemicals and reagents used in sample analyses were of analytical grade. Biaugeaud and cut in to cubes by stainless steel knife and sliced into 2 mm by model-CL 30, robot couple slicer. The sample was dried by solar dryer and milled in to flour using laboratory cutter-mixer model R 23, robot couple.

The flour was then packed in high-density poly ethylene HDPE bag, labeled and stored in dry and dark places till further use. Raw wheat was sorted, washed by potable water, sun dried, milled, sieved with similar sieve size, packed with HDPE bag and stored as above.

Formulations of Composite Flour and Recipes The formulations of composite flours were done according to the method of Tilman et al.

Blending of OFSP flour to wheat flour in the proportion of The recipes used in the development of cookies were composite flour gvegetable shortening ggranulated cane sugar gbeaten whole egg 21 gsalt 3. Cookies were prepared using the procedure described by McWatters et al.

Sensory evaluation of sweet potato cookies

Total nitrogen TN was determined using the micro-kjeldahl method. The crude protein content was obtained by multiplying TN by the conversion factor of 6.

The utilizable carbohydrate content was determined by difference as follows: Ten g of cookie sample was filtered in to mL volumetric flask after it was blended by mortar and pestle with enough acetone.

Mortar, funnel and residue was washed with small amount of acetone was received in flask. The residue was returned to the mortar to macerate, wash and filter as before again by adding fresh acetone.The study was conducted to evaluate the supplementing effect of orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) root flour to wheat flour at 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40% (BP 0, BP 1, BP 2, BP 3 and BP 4 respectively) level on nutritional and organoleptic acceptability of supplemented cookies.

Sensory evaluation results showed that the colour, texture, taste and overall acceptability changed significantly (p ≤ ) with increase in sweet potato flour substitution. The . Macroscopic and Sensory Evaluation of Bread Supplemented with Sweet-potato Flour. Quality, Functional and Sensory properties of cookies produced from sweet potato-maize flour blends Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Culinary Science & Technology Volume: 14(4) · October.

Sensory Evaluation is defi ned as “A scientifi c discipline used to evoke, measure, analyze, and interpret those responses to products that are perceived by the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing (Stone and Sidel ).”. SUMMARY, COMCLUSSION AND RECOMMENDATION The main objective of the study was to develop sweet potato cookies.

Specifically, it sought to (a) evaluate the sensory qualities of sweet potato cookies in terms of appearance, odor texture and taste.

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