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Coke is making milk? It seemed pretty strange. And not even because of their controversial pin-up advertisements.

Richard nikoley business plan

According to Andrew Curry, author of " The Gladiator Diet ," an article in the journal Archaeology, Karl Grossschmidt, a paleo-pathologist at the Medical University of Vienna, did an analysis of bones of gladiators found in an year old graveyard near Ephesus, in what is now western Turkey.

They turned up some surprising results.

richard nikoley business plan

Compared to the average inhabitant of Ephesus, gladiators ate more plants and very little animal protein. According to Grossschmidt, gladiators ate this way to get fat: Gladiators, it seems, were fat.

Consuming a lot of simple carbohydrates, such as barley, and legumes, like beans, was designed for survival in the arena. Packing in the carbs also packed on the pounds. Surface wounds "look more spectacular," says Grossschmidt.

Grossschmidt apparently believes that richard nikoley business plan and beans are "simple carbohydrates" that "pack on the pounds" making people fat, and that a gladiator would prefer to be fat than lean and muscular.

Since cooked barley supplies only about calories per cup, he can look forward to eating 6 cups daily just to get to kcal. Add one cup of lentils kcal4 cups of cooked kale kcal4 ounces of sardines kcaland an ounce of almonds kcal and you have a nutritionally dense meal plan supplying about kcal and more than 11 cups of food.

He could spend a little time looking at reliefs and other art depicting gladiators of the time. I found a good selection online from a University of Texas course, Introduction to Greece, here.

I put one of them at the head of this article. Here are a few more from the same source: Information Processing You can see how fat and weak Campbell got eating all those "simple sugars.

I wonder where Grossschmidt got his idea? Grossschmidt apparently believes that "a lean gladiator would have been dead meat" compared to a fat one.

I have to doubt that Grossschmidt has any experience in the fighting arts. Fat slows you down, making you an easy target.

The goal of a gladiator was to survive, not to put on a good show; only a fool would choose to get fat for battles against armed opponents where you only walk away if you can move faster and hit harder than the other guy. Grossschmidt also believes that those gladiators had to supplement calcium to their barley and vegetable diet: To keep their bones strong, historical accounts say, they downed vile brews of charred wood or bone ash, both of which are rich in calcium.

Whatever the exact formula, the stuff worked. Grossschmidt says that the calcium levels in the gladiator bones were "exorbitant" compared to the general population.

Strong bones in agriculturalists? How could that happen? Ephesus lies on the west coast of Turkey, near the mouth of the Menderes River, so I will assume the gladiators ate some fish.

Click to Enlarge As you can see, to get to kcal required by a large, physically active martial artist using swords, tridents, and similar arms, the barley men would have to eat 10 cups of cooked barley in a day.

I also tested calories of this diet by removing 2 cups of barley. First, ancient athletes were familiar with resistance training, using all types of heavy objects to increase strength.

Physical training with heavy weapons and other sources of resistance stresses the bones, increasing mineral deposition, so we should expect athletes like gladiators to have high bone mineral density.

richard nikoley business plan

Second, humans appear to absorb more calcium from some plants, especially cabbage-family green leafy vegetables, than from milk. As an aside, Heaney et al found that humans absorbed calcium from leavened whole wheat bread at at higher rate than from milk [ 2 ].

Third, we have evidence from other paleo diet research suggesting that a diet with a high ratio of plant to animal protein may promote greater bone mineral density. Richman et al compared bones of three aboriginal American populations: Pueblos, Arikaras, and Inuit [ 3 ].

These groups had similar genetic backgrounds, all descended from the few humans who first populated the Americas. Richman et al looked for type II osteons, characteristic of increased bone mineral resorption involved in maintaining physiological homeostasis, such as buffering to maintain the pH of urine in the range safe for kidney tubules.

They found that the Pueblos had the least evidence of this type of remodeling, and Eskimos had four times as many type II osteons as the Pueblos. When I first reviewed this studyI missed the fact that it contradicted the theory that people are less adapted to grains than to meat.Find this Pin and more on Free the Animal Blog Posts by Richard Nikoley.

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Please forgive me for butting in. ‘m a professional coach in this industry, that the one thing all healthy diets around the world have in common is the inclusion of a variety of plant foods, especially the leafy greens.

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