Rencontre citoyenne champigny

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Rencontre citoyenne champigny

Transcription 1 Informace o projektu Grand Paris zdroj: The world has been advancing at dazzling speed for the past several decades and countries that just yesterday appeared to be lagging behind are now growing at full speed. In this context, large emerging countries in Asia and South America, as well as the United States and United Kingdom of England, are arming themselves with new tools: For example, New York and London have changed considerably and continue to attract new development potential.

The Philosophy behind the Greater Paris project The Greater Paris project aims at strengthening the Capital Region in its role as a global city, a national growth driver that is internationally competitive and attractive to its current and future residents.

To combine economic attractiveness and quality of life, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the government have placed territorial development at the heart of the project. This involves creating a public transportation network whose infrastructures are financed by the State together with local authorities in the Ile-de-France region.

This project uses an approach based on responsibility and partnerships between institutional, social and economic stakeholders in the Capital Region. Built upon a common ambitious vision that goes beyond geographic, administrative and social borders, driven by dialogue and coordinated by new institutional players bringing a metropolitan perspective to issues of general interest, a common project was developed through identification of potential contributions of each stakeholder and acquiring the means to implement them.

The State plays an essential role, particularly regarding transportation issues and the overall coherence of development. But this large-scale common project will be developed and implemented with the signing of contracts, mutual commitment and mobilisation on all levels, from the region and its districts to town from international investors to small innovative businesses, from researchers to urban planners, and from large companies to neighbourhood associations.

Fierce international competition With the Greater Paris project, France is setting up a development tool that has seen no precedent since the 19th century and architect Haussmann s great achievements. Thus, at a time when global cities are endlessly competing to be not only economic drivers but also strategic centres for commercial, technological and logistic exchanges, Greater Paris is not only a vision for the future but also an adequate response to the capital region s ageing and sometimes insufficient infrastructures.

The Paris region, which accounts for slightly over one-sixth of the French national population and almost a third of France s Gross Domestic Product GDPcan not limit itself to its national role in a context of globalisation and must consolidate its position as an attractive centre for the whole of Europe, and beyond attract investors worldwide.

Greater Paris is also a brand new reflection on the urban development of Paris. This approach will be facilitated by the revision of regulations that too often block bold projects.

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The challenge is to design a new metropolis in the post-kyoto era. The city s structure will be completely reshaped, with river Seine as: The city s structure will be completely reshaped, with river Seine as pivotal point and by making use of all existing spaces.

It intends to overhaul the urban, social and economic geography of the Paris Basin and beyond, all the way to Le Havre. The metropolis new structure will revolve around the Seine.

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The city of Greater Paris will be focused on several centres and will no longer be made up of centric circles like it is today.

Urban ghettoes, often described as sensitive, will be put at the forefront of discussions. The issue of Paris suburbs will be dealt with head-on and Paris will need to integrate them just as it once did with its faubourgs.


The future will be made of open urban islands and evolving: Une nouvelle liaison fluviale:Rencontre avec David Gener, qui a initié un projet d’autonomie énergétique en circuit-court dans son village pyrénéen de habitants.

Sud, entre Pont de Sèvres et Noisy-Champs, le premier tunnelier devant entrer en action très prochainement à Champigny. PDF. Climat, qualité de vie, inégalités: vers un "Grand Paris.

Rencontre citoyenne champigny

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Aug 26,  · In this conversation.

Rencontre citoyenne champigny

Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users. Jusque récemment, j’ai hésité entre les termes Français d’origine et autochtones. Lors des rencontres de Pétrarque en , émission organisée par France Culture en partenariat avec Le Monde, je me suis rendu compte que ces deux dénominations levaient le coeur de ceux qui partageaient la .

D’un autre côté, nous espérons que cette rencontre de trois jours serve à présenter et divulguer les idées et les buts de la Fondation en matière de bien vos bandes dessinées «Afrique Citoyenne» pour la formation citoyenne de jeunes adultes, et j’aime également bien vos partenaires que j’ai rencontré.

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