National competitive advantage of technology

Competitive advantage is when your firm does or has something better than any other firm. It's the law of the business jungle. If you have a competitive advantage you might be able to charge high prices and still enjoy superior sales. Alternatively, you might produce something at a lower cost than other firms.

National competitive advantage of technology

Hartford HealthCare plays lead role in 'pivotal' migraine device study Carlos Perez A common trend we find with our customers is their need to cut costs to remain competitive. Technology can and is a catalyst for cutting costs, but it is time to stop looking at technology as merely an operational expense and see it as a competitive advantage.

With the advances in technology and the evolution of IT, many large corporations are fundamentally shifting their view of IT as a way to gain market share, launch competitive products and enhance their services.

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For small businesses, these advancements are great news as they can often realize the same benefits of IT as their large business counterparts. At the center of this fundamental shift in IT are mobile and cloud-based technologies. Mobile devices already play a significant role in our everyday lives, but they should be playing a stronger role in your business.

Businesses are looking to have a mobile strategy that could give employees secure access to their business data, apps and productivity suites, regardless of where they are located. The ability of an employee to respond to an email from a lead, or access a file and deliver a proposal in a timely fashion, can be the difference between winning the business or not.

Thus, the business with a mobile strategy is at a significant advantage for landing that new account or retaining an existing one.

How to Gain Competitive Advantage Using Information Technology

This advantage is fueled by the emergence of cloud technologies. Some of the biggest, recent success stories of where mobile and cloud-based technologies provided a significant competitive advantage and created a new marketplace include car services like Uber and Lyft. These companies leveraged technology to enhance and revolutionize the outdated concept of taxi services.

The result is an efficient business model that meets the needs of today's mobile and connected consumer. Michael Porter from the Harvard Business Review says "new technology changes the nature of competition," by: These are only a few reasons why any business owner should use technology to their advantage.

If you're looking for that competitive edge, here are a few tips to get you started: Identify areas of your business that could potentially benefit from these strategies; insist on having a mobile and cloud strategy; apply these strategies to employee's day-to-day workflow.Competitive advantage is a set of unique features of a company and its products that are perceived by the target market as significant and superior to the competition.

They are cost, product. comparative advantage and competitive advantage.

National Diamond

In section 4, we outline a synthesis movement of commodities across national boundaries. technology, demand patterns, specialization, business practices, and government policies. countries, international business, national competitive advantage, country sources of competitive advantage Prof.


Smit is an Associate Professor of International Business, Graduate School of Business Leadership, rapid dissemination of technology and information, and the rise of the transnational organisation.

It is this emphasis on. This presentation draws on ideas from Professor Porter’s articles and books, in particular, The Competitive Advantage of Nations (The Free Press, ), “The Microeconomic Foundations of Economic Development,” in The Global Competitiveness Report , (World Economic Forum.

This study applies Porter's diamond framework, which tries to identify the sources of international competitive advantage, to Turkey.

National competitive advantage of technology

The major objective is to contribute towards an improvement of this framework, and thus towards a better understanding of the sources of competitive advantage. Technology Development: Sources of Competitive Advantage Technological Change In this time of great technological advances, there are many opportunities for gaining competitive advantage through technological innovation.

However, a company needs to create a culture that is open to adopting new technology effectively.

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