Challenges faced by modern managers of

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Challenges faced by modern managers of

This article explains the seven biggest challenges faced by a manager. There are goals associated with your objectives, and if your organization is aggressive then those goals require more than the typical amount of effort.

Some of the causes are out of your control. Treat every employee with respect. If you have praise for the employee, give the praise in front of coworkers.

Challenges faced by modern managers of

If you have criticism for the employee, give it in private. For all but the worst underperforming employees, make sure that the praise happens much more often than the criticism. Help employees align their personal goals with their work goals. Talk with each employee about his or her personal goals: To the extent possible, use this information to help you allocate work assignments.

Provide a work environment that is appropriate for the work and conducive to employee well-being. A comfortable work environment makes your employees more productive.

Encourage employee communication and cooperation. For example, in one of my management jobs, I held a monthly lunch for my employees. We also had a series of awards. But these were not your typical awards. Each award was given by the previous award recipient to someone who exemplified the spirit of the particular award.

Employees sometimes even created their own one-time awards when something special or unusual happened. Over time the number of awards grew, and the interchange of enthusiasm and ideas made the organization a happy and fun place to work.

Dealing with Underperforming Employees Not all of your employees will do their best. Some will have personal issues that interfere with their work.

Dealing with Outstanding Employees Some of your employees obviously outperform the others. Outstanding employees need special treatment. They need recognition for their talents and efforts.

They need encouragement, training and guidance. And above all they need to know that they have a career path in your company, even if that career path takes them out of your organization.

When an employee star outgrows your organization, the best thing for your company is to make sure that the employee finds a home in another part of your company where he or she can continue to contribute. Hiring is easy, but hiring the right person is extremely difficult. The trick in hiring is to get an understanding of how an employee will actually perform the work — not just how the employee does in interviews.

Interviews are seldom a good predictor of work and work habitsso going beyond the interview is crucial. Getting feedback from the current employee who had a vested interest in finding someone who would carry a part of the workload made a big difference in our choice for some potential new hires.The U.S.

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A Study on Work Family Balance and Challenges Faced By Working Women 3 | Page The leading cause of stress arises because of communication with superior.

Challenges faced by modern managers of

Analyzing The Challenges Faced by Managers in Today’s Organization. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been part of a significant hiring binge by my firm as a result of some corporate restructuring activities.

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The 7 Biggest Challenges of a Manager