Bagan photo essay

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Bagan photo essay

Even though his rendition of the Pieta deviates from the typical depiction of the scene, he does hold true to the basic theme of Mary cradling Jesus in her lap. The wounds in His hands, feet and side are visible, but only just so.

As with the rest of the details of his Pieta, the restrained inclusion of the crucifixion wounds was innovative in the art of creating Pietas.

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Aside from this being the first Italian Pieta, Michelangelo chose to use a classical representation of Mary by making her youthful instead of the typical middle-aged woman that she really was and he chose to show peace on her face instead of the usual sorrow and grief.

The difference of how Michelangelo chose to create his Pieta is glaringly noticeable when placed next to a Pieta that has been made in the typical fashion, such as the Rottgen Pieta. The Bagan photo essay Pieta was created between by an unknown German artist.

It is 35 inches tall and is made of wood that has been painted. Aside from being made in a different century, in a different country and out of different materials, the concept behind the two pieces is the same: Both pieces show Mary holding Christ in her lap, but that is where the similarities end.

The Rottgen Pieta followed the traditional Gothic fashion of creating religious works that were full of anguish and somewhat gory. Another very noticeable difference is the age of Mary. Michelangelo followed the Classical tradition of making people youthful and attractive while the German artist made his Mary appear old, wrought with grief and obviously suffering.

Aside from the differences in how Mary is portrayed, Christ is very different as well. The wounds he received in His hands, feet and sides are present, but they are not as obvious and gory as the Gothic statue portrays.

Along with the wounds showing that Christ suffered before and during His death, the German Pieta depicts Christ as thin and weak.

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Surely this means He had suffered much before His death. But Michelangelo chose not to convey that message. He chose to create his Christ as strong and healthy, someone who was heroic and someone who was at peace with His death.

Was it a moment of egotistic zeal? The result of too much wine? A badly calculated coherent decision? Or was there some other reason Michelangelo inscribed his name in so awkward a place? Until the end of time, or the statue gets destroyed, all humanity will know: Michelangelo touched the hearts of the people of his time with his message and continues to touch people today.

His Pieta has become one of the most well-known pieces of art in the world and will forever be one of the most beloved pieces in the Christian world. Khan Academy, 20 Mar.

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Bagan photo essay

Felice Willat. Jan 9, Horse cart in Bagan, Myanmar. n the ancient city of Bagan, formerly known as Pagan, you will still see oxcarts and horse carts as ordinary transportation. A young girl plays at her school near Bagan.

Photo by Dietmar Temps. Myanmar's U-Bein Bridge.

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Left Burma today, now back in Bangkok and heading to Bhutan with Mom tomorrow. If you read my photo essay from the previous trip to Bagan last month, . A Pieta is a style of artistic expression that depicts the Virgin Mary holding the body of Jesus after He has been removed from the cross, the most common form being sculpture or carving.

Bagan photo essay

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Bagan, Myanmar is somewhere that actually made me gasp. I stopped a few times on my bike to take in the scenery and wipe real tears from my eyes. Bagan – a photo essay. Locations.

sunrise on the Irrawaddy. The 11th Century town of Bagan on the Irrawaddy River is one enormous Buddhist temple complex, impressive in its extent and in the quality of some of its architecture, mysterious in its setting.

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