Atwood and suu kyi analysis

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Atwood and suu kyi analysis

Hire Writer Devices A feature which I think ties in with the context of the speech is its tone. Margaret Atwood is not burdened by the threat of danger that Suu Kyi faces on a daily basis for plainly speaking her mind, therefore, the tone of Atwood??

Atwood uses humorous metaphors, asserting that the process of writing a novel is more realistically comparable to???


These metaphors serve as tongue-in-cheek comparisons. Suu Kyi also uses an important metaphor, comparing women to brave??? She also uses inclusive language which aims to bring about a sense of unity among the listeners at the conference and establishes rapport. Suu Kyi refers to women as a whole as???

Atwood uses inclusive language several times. She addresses a particular comment to the audience saying??? None of this means that you, personally, cannot find happiness.??? Structure Atwoods speech, while seemingly haphazard at first glance, is cleverly structured and sectioned into particular issues.

We are lead through one topic or idea, and before we know it, we are on to the next with the previous still in our mind. Atwood finds a way to bring us back to the main ideas of the speech between informal banter and personal anecdotes. Although a wide range of Atwood?? Atwood uses the rhetorical device of Anaphora to bring us back to a previous topic, or emphasize an important point in her speech.

This repetition, often humorous, helps us remember key moments in the speech. Suu Kyi adopts a more formal structure and with the serious manner of the speech, she is less likely to veer off into other issues without fully addressing each point.

The fact that it is a political speech also prevents her from making any unplanned remarks, so as not to get into any sort of trouble.

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While both speeches are highly planned, it would be more likely of Atwood to improvise while speaking to the audience, hence the??? Purpose The purposes of Suu Kyi??

She encapsulates her objective in the beginning of her speech with the line??? I want to try and voice some of the common hopes which firmly unite us in all our splendid diversity???. On the other hand Atwood??

She uses villainesses as a device to explore the changing roles of women in society and it relates when pen is put to paper. Atwood expresses her view that women in literature need to be more three dimensional rather than just a plot device.

Atwood and suu kyi analysis

She also criticizes the feminist movement for causing this effect, whereas Suu Kyi?? Suu Kyi believes that the participation of women in politics and governments will bring major change to the world.Explore; Log in; Create new account; Upload ×.

Speechs Atwood, Suu Kyi Essay own destiny and to influence the fate of our global village"- as Aung San Suu Kyi explicitly describes it- is something I am very passionate about.

Atwood and suu kyi analysis

- Aung San Suu Kyi [] Aung San Suu Kyi is a burmese political leader of Burma (Myanmar) who fought for freedom and human rights from to this day.

She has shown courage and patience throughout the years and has become an “important symbol in the struggle against mistreatment” [swot analysis]. Atwood/Suu Kyi comparison. Context The most apparent distinction between Margaret Atwood and Suu Kyi is the freedom of speech factor.

Here we have Atwood, who is a liberated woman from Canada, willing and able to speak her mind without having to tip-toe around the issues in her speech.

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