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Case Study Analysis By: The new trainees were hired to work for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Carl Robins scheduled a new hire orientation to take place June 15 with the intent of having all the new hires working by July. On May 15, Monica Carrolls contacted Carl about coordinating many issues for the new hires such as manuals, drug tests, and policy booklets.

Abc inc business analysis

Michael Dyer Running head: Now he faces a tough situation, and it is due to his lack of proper training, planning, and inadequate qualifications. He scheduled a new hire orientation to commence June 15th. Monica was reassured that everything would be taken care of in time. It is after Memorial Day weekend, Carl is in the process of finalizing the paperwork needed for the new trainee orientation.

He discovers that some of the new trainees did not complete their applications or had their transcripts on file. None of the trainees Abc inc business analysis been to the clinic for the mandatory drug test. Then when searching for the orientation manuals, he only came across three copies of which each had pages missing.

If things could not get any worse. Upon returning to his office from taking a walk to release frustration, he decided to check out the training room for the orientation.

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There he found Joe, from technology services, setting up computer stations. Carl then begins to panic and realizes he has a dilemma. The top three problems that seem to grab my attention are: Although, after reading the case, one might quickly come Abc inc business analysis the conclusion that Carl Robins is the main problem.

Carl Robins is not the only problem. The first problem that comes to mind, and seems to be the easiest to spot, is the improper planning of Carl Robins. The second problem that arises is, Carl lacks the experience to execute the orientation program of new trainees.

This brings to my attention, a third problem, the effectiveness of the employee orientation and mentorship programs provided by ABC, Inc. It is not apparent that Carl received such training or a mentor.

Alternatives The alternative is for Carl to come up with a quick short-term solution to fix the immediate problems. First, he needs to book appointments, to the clinic, for all applicants to conduct their drug tests and physicals.

Without the drug tests and physicals completed, Carl could lose his credibility with the company and all the trainees would be violating company policy. All applicants then, need to complete their applications and provide copies of their transcripts. This will enable Carl to achieve his target of having all the newly hired trainees working by July.

Once he obtains a full copy of each, he needs to securely store them in a safe place for future use. The last immediate problem that Carl has to fix is to find an alternate location for the orientation to take place.

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The training room has been booked for the entire month of June. The quick alternative solution to this matter would be to, upon company approval, rent a banquet room at a local hotel, considering the urgency of the situation.

An alternative to the second problem of Carl not seeming to have the experience to run the program on his own would be for the company to assign him a mentor.


The mentor does not necessarily have to be someone he reports to. Another alternative to this particular problem would be to have Carl report to someone for his first six months with the company.

This will allow him to get his feet in the fire without getting burnt. Proposed Solutions A huge problem that companies face is communication. If there is a breakdown in communication, things could get ugly quick. The thing for Carl to do is hold recruiting planning meetings.

This would allow the several different departments within the company, which are involved with new employees, to come together and plan for their arrival.

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Another proposed solution in dealing with communication was that if Carl did not understand something, he should have said something or asked questions instead of assuming that he had everything under control.

Carl did not appear to have received training. If he did, then there is an issue.

Abc inc business analysis

If Carl, did indeed, receive the training then none of the problems he experienced would have shown face. Another attribute that can be added in with the orientation program would be for the new trainees to establish priorities in a three, six, and month interval.

The proposed solution to the third problem would be for ABC, Inc. This allows the company to pair up new employees with experienced employees to help guide them as they learn how the company operates.BBB's Business Profile for ABC Financial Services, Inc., Business Reviews and Ratings for ABC Financial Services, Inc.

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